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Buyers may take several months to actually decide on a purchase and Black Friday could be just the opportunity you need to push them towards buying.

by Tasha Willingham

Black Friday is a lucrative day for lots of businesses and one that dealers are positioned to capitalize on as well. Black Friday sales accounted for $142.4 billion in 2019 which shot up to $188.2 billion in 2020, despite the pandemic. While we may have seen fewer physical gatherings due to the pandemic, there is no lack of spending. This year, dealers can make sure they take advantage of their fair share of that spending, even with inventory shortages. Here are some ways you can prepare your dealership for Black Friday.

Manage Leads with CRM to Capitalize on Your Best Ones

Dealership sales are a bit different than traditional retail, but there is an opportunity to drive sales for Black Friday. Using the CallRevu portal, you should identify your best leads. Look back at least three months to follow up with past prospects. Buyers may take several months to actually decide on a purchase and Black Friday could be just the opportunity you need to push them towards buying.

Make sure you have documented your leads properly and are adding call data to your CRM. This provides the ideal opportunity to identify your hottest leads and get them in for service or sales on Black Friday.

Use DNI to Measure the Success of Your Black Friday Ads

Everybody loves a good Black Friday sale. Recent statistics show that 12 million people search for Black Friday deals. If you plan to capitalize on those kinds of searches, you need to know who is looking and how they have found their way to your dealership. You do this with advertising attribution, down to the customer.

DNI (dynamic number insertion) tracks each customer by inserting a unique phone number per visit, which is linked to each advertising or marketing source. Using this tool, you can identify which source led a prospect to your dealership and discover what kind of deal they expect. Black Friday is all about advertising appropriately and DNI lets you measure your success.

Prep Your BDCs for Black Friday

Black Friday is a great way to generate interest so make sure your BDCs are ready for inbound calls on the big day. Make sure your phone reps are entering all call data into your CRM and they have all the information they need to upsell and cross-sell. If you don’t have the right car in stock due to shortages, make sure your phone reps are ready to identify a used or similar option. A full-suite phone monitoring solution is essential as part of this strategy so that you have plenty of call data to identify and push sales and the right data points to follow up.

Use Call Volume Reports to Determine the Right Level of Staffing

It’s no huge secret that remote sales have jumped since the onset of the pandemic. This Black Friday is on track to be similar. To really capitalize on Black Friday opportunities, you’ll need to make sure your BDC and dealership are properly staffed.

Review your call volume reports to identify trends and staff appropriately. Remember that a good customer experience is essential if you want to keep those sales coming in, on Black Friday and beyond. This means keeping call wait times to a minimum, making sure calls are routed to the right place, and having the right strategies in place to promote sales or service.

Identify Missed Opportunities from Black Friday Calls

Despite your best efforts, there is a chance that some prospects may fall through the cracks. Not to worry! CallRevu provides dealers with Instant Deal Saving Alerts which identifies missed sales opportunities, sending a notification within 30 minutes of call’s end so that you can follow up to prevent a lost sale. Make sure you have a representative that can manage these alerts immediately and no Black Friday prospects will be lost.

Use these five tips and you’ll be ready for that Black Friday boost in sales!

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