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Stellantis Digital Certified Program

Certified Provider for Stellantis Dealers

CallRevu, an industry leading Call Monitoring software company with over 5000 automotive customers, proudly offers plus-up services to support Stellantis dealers by not only providing an added layer of analysis on all sources but also by creating an environment to help dealers improve their customer experience. With CallRevu, you receive alerts within minutes for mishandled sales opportunities, potential CSI issues, phone routing problems, and more! Powered by AI and validated by automotive trained experts, CallRevu offers the most consistently accurate and timely call records in the industry, with a full suite of call analysis and training tools that results in deeper insights and actionable data. In addition, CallRevu provides all program subscribers with complimentary access to their phone training platform CallRevu University, as well as monthly department specific best practice webinars. CallRevu University provides nearly 30,000 subscribed users with phone skill training for all departments as well as product training and best practices.

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