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Vice President, Lindsay Automotive

"The minute you think you got your phones figured out or you're doing really well in your phone process, CallRevu has a great way of showcasing and identifying - no we still need work. We had a lot of phone calls coming in, we didn't know how well they were getting handled, and didn't have the time to listen to the recorded calls."

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Director of Marketing & Technology, Germain Motor Company

"CallRevu can pick up on what I call the Spidey Senses where they sense there's frustration with this customer, let's make sure someone's aware. CallRevu gets into the DNA of your store, and that's where all their training and development comes into play, and why we infused them into our Germain Academy."

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“It's made a massive difference. With every single one of our calls, we see a script as to what we did right, and areas of opportunity. Using those scripts with each of our team members to coach and counsel them moving forward is providing a much better experience for our customers and teammates.”

JOHN PATTERSONPresident, OC Auto Group

“With Callrevu, the conversation is emailed to our management staff and me in minutes. We are not tasked to remind ourselves to listen to calls every day. When the email hits everyone’s inbox, it’s a quick summary of the call and one-click to hear the entire conversation. This simple process has generated immediate follow-up from managers which results in more shown appointments.”

GLENN GROSSOManaging Partner, Honda Of Indian Trail

“What I need at BMW in Naples isn't what I need in Beaver Creek Ford. Even though it's the same people, you guys are able to adapt and understand the nuance, and that to me that's unique, a lot of people come in with a one size fits all visit, because they assume since we're all car dealers we're, the same. We're not.”

JOHN MALISHENKOChief Operating Officer, Germain Motor Company


General Manager, Kelly Buick GMC

"It puts everyone in the position where they need to step up their game because it’s being an admin, alerts text to my phone and the dealer principal, so everyone needs to step up because you’re looking for that response to the customer to amp everything up and get that CSI where it needs to be."


GM, Sheehy Infiniti

“Within eight months of using CallRevu, our appointment rate increased by almost 20 percent and is continuing to rise.”

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