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Subaru Training Environment

CallRevu proudly participates as a SAF eligible partner for all Subaru of America retailers through deploying its CallRevu Training Environment. Retailers can enroll directly with CallRevu and recognize up to 50% co-op eligibility.

CallRevu’s roots are anchored in providing customers with an excellent experience across all channels of communication At CalllRevu we believe every retailer has a unique and diverse culture that dictates their training needs and philosophies That’s why we provide a fluid and comprehensive approach to training that allows each team member to thrive.

CallRevu accomplishes this through:

  • Point of Opportunity – Deal Saving Training Opportunity Alerts
  • Phone Health Alerts
  • Inbound and Outbound Performance Analysis
  • CallRevu University
  • Monthly Interactive Training Webinars
  • Performance Management
  • Comprehensive Skill and Processing Reporting

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