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Most consumers seek the path of least resistance. This means those who call you have likely already sought their answer elsewhere and are calling because of a true need. Coming off as “sales-y” when you speak to them can turn a customer off, sometimes immediately.

by Anthony Giagnacovo

A potential customer is already calling in a guarded mindset – she sought the path of least resistance and is now seeking a fast and successful answer or solution.

When an employee is or is even perceived to be pushy, it can be very off-putting for a customer. To avoid this, follow these guidelines:

Don’t Make Assumptions

Despite how a caller sounds from the onset of a call, prejudging an attitude or sentiment is the wrong approach. Listening and offering knowledge can keep calls on track or salvage a call headed in the wrong direction.

Be a Guide, Not a Salesperson

  • Be Responsive – Your employees are there to take calls. If they aren’t there when a customer needs them, that sale could be lost…forever. That customer could seek an alternative that, if successful, could mean she may never return.
  • Be Responsible – If a representative says he’ll call back right away with additional information, he needs to do that. Showing that you can deliver what you say you will when you say will, you can make a world of difference. Your callers come to you when they can’t find information elsewhere. When you reliably and consistently deliver on promises, customers will see you as a resource.
  • Provide Accurate Information – With the rise of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), consumers have a wealth of information from which to choose. This means that when they call you, there’s even more pressure to provide accuracy. Don’t worry, though. When you provide the best information possible and are upfront and transparent about it, this customer experience with you, a real person, can translate into greater returns.

Statistics show that if customer service representatives adhere to the traits above, customers will not only request appointments on their own but will do so more than 60% of the time. Let that sink in.

These traits help achieve a greater level of trust. Trust not only helps with the sales at hand but is a primary factor in the spread of word-of-mouth advertising. When you achieve this, your hard work will pay off in passive advertising which will help sustain your business.

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