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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has earned a place in every industry. The most well-known is the technology industry where companies like Microsoft and Amazon use an AI-human pairing to power their voice assistant or chat services.

by Anthony Giagnacovo

Now the automotive industry is entering the playing field. When an AI-human pairing is used to power a phone system like CallRevu’s, it can help you set more sales appointments and sell more cars.

AI doesn’t always perform its best on its own. That’s why major companies have highly trained agents listen to every call recording to verify accuracy, provide more context, and create historical data sets so the technology can learn and evolve.

The fact is that language processing is tricky. It’s hard for a computer to transcribe voice when the accent, tone, speed, and diction vary, or when there is background noise.

Once the application has the data, it still has to deconstruct the words so it can isolate the parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, and pronouns. Then it has to understand the context and intent to determine if the call was an inquiry, information request, or desire to purchase.

Understanding caller intent is critical to prioritizing the next move. It’s clear that humans must analyze call data and then confirm, correct, or decline the computed action. This is the only way for the application to “learn” and continually improve future analysis.

Yes, there have been privacy concerns. That’s why most of these companies have amended privacy policies to make it clear humans are listening to recordings to improve services. They have also taken steps to de-identify data, and require non-disclosure agreements from employees and vendors.

When applications have millions of accurate data points they can more effectively predict what a customer wants or needs and act on that prediction. That translates to happier customers in real time.

At CallRevu, our phone system tracks, records, and analyzes every call to a dealership. Once a call is complete, a trained agent reviews it from beginning to end and provides a summary and actionable insights on call-handling performance.

If a call was mishandled, our system instantly texts or emails a deal-saving alert. In just a few minutes, your sales or BDC manager can review the alert and contact the customer before he or she calls another dealership.

We also provide employee report cards so you can coach salespeople and your BDC to make real improvements before poor phone handling skills cost you deals.

The combination of AI and human agents allows us to take huge amounts of data, pinpoint patterns and trends, identify the underlying reasons for specific call outcomes, and provide real-time phone alerts. The result? You set more appointments and sell more cars.

Take the example of Sheehy Infiniti. The dealership owns two stores in Virginia and Maryland. Both stores were among the top five in their DMA, but appointment set rates were sitting at a low 37 percent. General Manager Aaron Spicer brought in CallRevu.

Within eight months, the appointment rate increased by almost 20 percent. Used car sales went up 30 percent. AI and human agents working together were able to show Spicer where his team’s phone handling skills were lacking, and how to fix the problems.

Weibel Auto Group in Loveland, Colorado, implemented CallRevu at all five of its locations. One store sold 17 cars thanks to CallRevu’s deal-saving alerts. Every store increased its appointment set rate by as much as 11 percent.

CallRevu tracked and analyzed what took place on every call. This allowed the group to identify coaching opportunities to help salespeople hit their sales goals. The deal-saving alerts helped managers recognize high-priority leads and act on them fast.

A last example is Ganley Bedford Imports in Ohio. In the first month of using CallRevu, the dealership saved 28 deals thanks to deal-savings alerts. The CallRevu combination of AI and human agents recognized missed opportunities and alerted the general sales manager immediately so he could call customers back and save deals.

Just like tech giants Microsoft and Amazon, CallRevu combines AI with trained agents to create reasonable predictions about customer intent and act on them to drive a better customer experience and more appointments and sales for your dealership.

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