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Today, CallRevu continuously innovates to provide dealers with the most state-of-the-art technologies to analyze call data, identify opportunities, and increase customer retention.

by Tasha Willingham

The best approach to business growth is to remain stagnant‚ said no business owner ever.

As the customer experience changes, it’s up to dealerships to ensure they are staying in front of the trends and improving alongside evolving expectations. But you don’t just want to improve. You want to innovate and find a way to set yourself apart. It’s time to be bold.

“CallRevu made an immediate impact on our business culture by providing the instant ability to monitor our guests’ experiences, catch potentially missed opportunities, and provide training to our team members.”

Being bold can be the one thing that sets you apart. In fact, one Forbes article states, “Boldness is a stronger indicator of success than intelligence is.” To provide value beyond your competitors, you need to be bold.

Any high-achieving dealership knows that unless you’re moving forward, you’re standing still. The best way to keep your dealership in the category of excellence is to innovate the customer experience. In with the new and out with the old that’s the platform that CallRevu stands on.

CallRevu has based their entire busines model on this very principle, working to provide innovative tools such as comprehensive call data, Phone Health Alerts, CRM integration, and advanced machine monitoring with artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve the customer experience and boost sales. This is how CallRevu embraces boldness and helps you do it too.

Taking a Bold Approach to the Customer Call

In 2008, CallRevu’s founder Chip King was facing a problem. His partnership with an advertising agency wasn’t yielding any results. Having no clear reason why it was falling short, the agency began scrutinizing calls and the insights gained from those prompted Chip to boldly go where most other dealerships hadn’t gone before. As a result, CallRevu was born.

Rather than sitting passively waiting for results, Chip began finding new ways to innovate the customer experience with a better approach to the inbound call.

An analysis of customer calls revealed significant gaps in the customer experience. Chip opted for the bold approach: Start monitoring every call with the same level of effort you put into serving a customer in the showroom or service drive. The insights you uncover can provide a significant boost in vehicle sales, service appointments, and customer retention.

In the bold approach to customer service, CallRevu asked these questions:

  • Why are you losing customers from a simple phone call?
  • What do you need to know to make that experience better?
  • How can we provide that information to dealerships?

The answer lies in monitoring and analyzing each part of your customer’s phone experience.

A Richer Customer Experience

The customer experience is evolving. More retailers are embracing remote sales through digital retailing platforms making the phones an even more integral part of the customer journey.

The truth is that the phone call is your opportunity to make a first impression on a customer. When customers have questions about your dealership or service department that they can’t quickly locate online, they pick up the phone. Maybe they want to validate pricing or ask questions about your services they pick up the phone. It could be that they don’t know what to expect from an experience at your dealership and they have general questions. It all starts with the phone call.

Did you know that 39% of your phone calls don’t even reach a person who can answer your questions? In the 61% that do reach a person, how often does poor phone etiquette, unprepared personnel, or long wait times end in a lost opportunity? Tapping into your call metrics can help you identify a diverse variety of missed opportunities. When paired with a unique and data driven response, everyone wins. It may just be the edge you need to push a 10-minute call from lost time to a loyal customer.

Be Bold, Make Things Happen

CallRevu grew out of a bold approach to understanding why customers choose one dealer over another. Today, CallRevu continuously innovates to provide dealers with the most state-of-the-art technologies to analyze call data, identify opportunities, and increase customer retention. What bold approach will you take to get customers from the phone into your dealership? The choice is up to you.

After all, fortune favors the bold.

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