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ADA Compliant Tools & Content Supports Inclusivity at Automotive Retailers

Baltimore, MD May 2, 2022 CallRevu, an industry leader in automotive call monitoring and analytics, continues to demonstrate its commitment to inclusion and accessibility with advances in its ADA compliance. CallRevu’s ADA compliance tools are built directly into the platform’s application, making the software accessible to everyone. The toolkit supplies utilities for various ADA concerns, such as vision impairments, cognitive disabilities, motor skills impairments, and others, providing real-time modifications to the application to accommodate users with disabilities easily and effectively.

“Every year thousands of people with disabilities are not accommodated for” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO, CallRevu. “Having ADA-compliant content allows all marketing, operations and sales personnel at automotive retailers to equally utilize and benefit from CallRevu’s innovative solutions which drive ROI and customer experience.”

Through the accessibility tool menu, users can set the right profile for their needs. Examples of accessibility adjustments include setting profiles that are:

Seizure Safe eliminates flashes and reduces color Vision Impaired enhances the website’s visuals Cognitive Disability assists with reading and focusing ADHD Friendly more focus and fewer distractions Blind Users use the website with your screen reader Keyboard Navigation (Motor) use the website with the keyboard

“CallRevu cares about our customers, our people, and our communities, which includes promoting equality and accessibility” added Giagnacovo. “We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust in mind.”

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