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Teaming up with CallRevu on our call center puts both companies in a strong position to help dealers drive service retention, improve CSI scores, and increase profits” stated Pogo Parr, President of WeGotYourCalls.


WeGotYourCalls, a vBDC call center owned and operated by CallSource, is pleased to announce its partnership with CallRevu, a leading provider of call management solutions for the automotive industry. Their alignment unites each organization’s key technologies to enable automotive dealers to streamline operations, connect with more customers, and drive service profits.

Through their partnership, dealers are equipped to combat the most significant challenges preventing them from reaching their growth potential: high call volumes, understaffed departments, and sacrificed customer service. Most dealers today understand the need for a dedicated liaison between their service department and customer service to improve the satisfaction of both their customers and staff. By leveraging the WeGotYourCalls and CallRevu partnership, dealers can reduce their load and drive more appointment conversions.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with CallRevu as our business principles, innovative culture, and customer-centric mentality are very aligned” states Pogo Parr, President of WeGotYourCalls. “Teaming up with CallRevu on our call center puts both companies in a strong position to help dealers drive service retention, improve CSI scores, and increase profits.”
By combining the best of both solutions, dealers can count on better call connectivity, more booked appointments, and higher absorption rates. On average, dealer service departments are only connecting with customers 76% of the time. Dealers utilizing the vBDC have increased their connectivity rate to 98%, resulting in an additional 80 ROs per month. In addition, dealers benefit from service maintenance reminders, live OEM recall alerts, as well as stay-in-touch reminder calls to boost customer communication, while alleviating employees so they can do what they do best‚ selling vehicles!

As partners, WeGotYourCalls and CallRevu are committed to empowering dealerships with best-in-class solutions that drive service retention and increase profitability.
“Ensuring our dealership partners have best-in-class solutions is our top priority. We are excited to partner with WeGotYourCalls to empower dealers with the technology to have full visibility into all calls with our vBDC call center. With the CallRevu platform, all calls are captured, all lines are analyzed, and blind spots are removed with our immediate alerts to prevent missed opportunities, reduce repeat callers and avoid missed calls that go to voicemail” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu. “We believe this partnership reinforces that our customers are receiving the most reliable customer engagement tool designed specifically to support all departments within a dealership from service to sales and marketing. With CallRevu, we alert, advise, and analyze to help you optimize your performance and keep your customer engaged.”

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