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TotalCX has been acquired by CallRevu!

“Providing advanced call monitoring, fixed operations, and virtual BDC solutions backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to GM Dealers.

Baltimore, MD January 15, 2023 CallRevu, an industry leader in automotive call monitoring and analytics, has once again been selected by General Motors (GM) Dealer Digital Solutions (DDS) program to provide advanced call monitoring solutions back by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology augmented by Human Listening Agents to help retail automotive dealers convert more calls to appointments, opportunities and additional revenue.

“We are excited and proud to be selected for a second year in a row to the GM Dealer Digital Solutions in-Market Retail (iMR) program that offers co-op funds for the GM Plus-Up Partner program. Being able to provide GM dealers a comprehensive call monitoring solution, that’s designed to help convert more calls to revenue, while leverage the Plus-Up Partner co-op funds is a win for dealers” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu. “CallRevu gives dealers the insights and metrics to measure how marketing dollars are effectively working to increase customer engagement, drive more retail sales and ensuring customers are connecting with dealership staff. These combined efforts help support sales, dealership reputation management, and CSI.”

Dealers are impressed with CallRevu’s 98% accuracy and responsiveness of delivering alerts, action notifications and analysis to improve the customer experience. This includes CSI watch list alerts that promotes better customer engagement in fixed operations.

Cory Wright, Director of OEM Operation, added “that in just three quarters of 2022, CallRevu has delivered 164,875 deal saving and customer experience alerts. CallRevu’s data intelligence shows that 1 in 4 alerts that are responded to in a timely manner result in an appointment at the dealership. Additionally, CallRevu has delivered over 2,600 phone health alerts to assist GM dealers in fixing broken processes that can negatively impact their call fail rate and customer experience.”

CallRevu’s holistic solution features certified frictionless CRM integration with all major providers. The output of this integration boasts almost a quarter million additional CRM entries either being created or appended with additional phone information.

In 2023, CallRevu adds two new products to its suite of approved DDS offerings, ServiceVision Intel and Virtual BDC (VBDC). ServiceVision Intel is an exclusive fixed operations-oriented dashboard that improves dealers and Fixed Ops Directors understand the service caller’s journey. ServiceVision Intel provides missed call reporting, and rich analysis of status checks, repeat callers, and drill down metrics on custom keyword searches. CallRevu’s VBDC is a tool that helps dealers reduce call fail rates when hiring internal staffing isn’t an option or cost prohibitive. VBDC is an on-demand virtual business development center that handles overflow calls and makes outbound customers calls as needed.

GM Dealers can enroll in the iMR co-op funded CallRevu program via the Global Connect online portal and chose the best package that meets their needs for Sales and Service. As part of the CallRevu solution, Dealers can choose the CallVision DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) program that ties their digital advertising to the phone calls. CallVision DNI is designed to measure a dealerships marketing effectiveness to maximize consumer reach and return on investment.

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